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September 21, 2016

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Snapchat is a fun and entertaining social app where users share images and videos that can be edited with all kinds of filters, stickers, and overlays. Snapchat has many advanced tools, allowing for great potential for your nonprofit to engage with others in a uniquely creative manner.

In addition to its impressive array of tools and editing abilities, Snapchat’s gimmick is that these typically edited images and videos, called “Snaps,” disappear as soon as users view them. If you toggle to add your latest Snaps to your “Stories,” they will be saved and viewable in a serial collection for 24 hours.

It is increasingly popular since its inception is 2011, with 100 million daily active users. Its primary user base is Gen Z, the 18-24 year old folks that came of age with smart phones. But it is progressively gaining traction with Millennials and Gen Xers as well. Consider the demographics of your supporter base before investing too much in Snapchat, but at the very least, it is worthwhile to claim your Snapchat username and learn about the way it works. It is bound to become a more important communication tool over the next several years!

Snapchat users have high expectations when it comes to your Snaps, and you’ll have to devote more resources to creating an effective marketing strategy on this platform than on other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Because viewing Snaps is not incorporated in a feed and users have to choose to click and view your content, your Snapchat reputation must be consistently compelling to have an effective presence. 

So let’s get started with Snapchat! Here’s where to begin:

1. Publicize Your Snapcode

Your account comes with a Snapcode, a QR code that allows supporters to find and add your nonprofit as a Snapchat Friend. If possible, customize it so your Snapcode is unique and brandedThen be sure to share your Snapcode and Snapchat username widely on your other social media and marketing channels. 

2. Use Filters, Lenses, and Geofilters to Maximize Your Creative Potential

Enable filters and location services so that you can utilize the the most tools to craft your Snaps. 

3. Share Your Snaps to Your “Stories”

Your Stories allow your Friends to view your latest Snaps in sequence for 24 hours, giving them maximum visibility. 

4. Keep Track of Engagement

While Snapchat doesn’t allow for followers that view your Snaps in a feed, and users can’t “like” or re-share your content, you can still gage the effectiveness of your Snaps through Story Replies, messages sent by users in response to a post, and taking note of who viewed your Story.  And sometimes, users may send you a direct Snap of their own!

5. Be Responsive

Whenever possible, interact with your supporters by responding to Snaps and messages. Snapchat allows for a different kind of engagement with individuals than most outlets, so use this as an opportunity to express your authenticity with your supporters.

6. Get Inspired!

Check out this list complied by Nonprofit Tech for Good of nonprofits who are doing Snapchat right.

Interior Department on Snapchat
Interior Department on Snapchat

Does your nonprofit have a great Snapchat profile? Share with us your tricks of the trade in the comments!

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