Revamp Your Nonprofit’s Blog in 2015!

January 16, 2015

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Blogs are an essential part of any organization’s strategy to build and maintain trust and open communication with its community. Blogs help improve search engine results and amp up website traffic, increasing the opportunities for incoming donations. They are also critical connectors to social media, helping generate a healthy flow of content across platforms, which in turn can result in new followers. Whether you’re on your way to starting your first blog or just looking to improve an existing one, all can benefit from these best blogging practices for the new year:


1. Become an Authority in Your Field

Keep your supporters updated with news about your organization’s industry and the overarching issues your nonprofit cares about. Tie in the role of your nonprofit and how this news or research impacts your work.

Your organization’s knowledge and engagement with contemporary issues can be expressed in many forms, including interviews, summaries of expert advice, and guest blog postings from advisors.

On their blog, the ASPCA illustrates their passion for protecting animal welfare as well as their knowledge of the pet industry by posting a letter from their CEO addressed to the governor of New Jersey regarding a pending pet purchasing bill. Another great example is the Red Cross’ blog, which has large sections dedicated to tips and advice for dealing with disasters and safety.


2. Include Appealing Visuals

Engaging visuals help tell your story, make your posts far more sharable, and can help promote your brand. A good visual may be all you need in a post—a picture is worth 1,000 words, and a video is worth 1.8 million words.


3. Showcase Your Impact

Share success stories about your organization’s latest campaign and what you were able to achieve. Your donors always want to know where their money goes and will feel a stronger connection to your organization when they know how their contributions make a difference. You can even break it down to monetary amounts. For example, $100 may have purchased 10 mosquito nets to prevent malaria. If you can, include photos, videos, or infographics to illustrate your nonprofit’s impact.

If your nonprofit throws events, an event recap is a great way to showcase your organization’s success. Thank all who attended and donated, post photos, and motivate your supporters for your next event!


4. Go Behind the Scenes

Your blog is a great place to show the behind the scenes workings of your organization. Write a “Meet the Team” post or show your supporters the office. Your supporters will love to get an inside scoop on the things they don’t normally see, and this will help them connect to your organization on a more intimate level.


5. Say Thank You

While you should always follow up donations and volunteering with a letter, email, or phone call thanking your supporters, an additional “thank you” blog post shows a lot of appreciation and can make your supporters feel good about their contributions. If a group of volunteers spent a weekend cleaning the beach, showcase this on your blog with photos, thank them for their hard work, and remind them of the positive impact they have made. If you reached a fundraising goal, thank everyone who donated, and let them know how their funds will influence your cause.


6. Ask For Feedback

A wonderful thing about your blog is that you can receive crucial feedback from your supporters. Not only can their comments be helpful, but it can help cultivate trust and open the door to continuous conversation.


Do you have a blog? What are your blogging best practices? We’d love to hear them.

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