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January 15, 2016

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According to a study by Software Advice, more and more nonprofits are utilizing newer nonprofit-centered technology to attain greater functionalityto improve their operational efficiency, donor management, and communications. Representing a moderate increase from 2014, this year’s nonprofit software upgrades are up by 11%.

“Nonprofits are adopting software more, but they are also replacing it,” said Janna Finch, the senior market research associate at Software Advice. She observed that while general tools like Excel can still work for nonprofits who are just starting out, as organizations grow they will need more robust, specialized software to meet their needs.

Top Reasons for Replacing Existing Software:


It makes sense that growing nonprofits are adopting and upgrading an increasing amount of software. As reported by Software Advice, 99% of survey respondents said that fundraising software has positively affected the number of donations collected by their organizations, and 98% agreed that software has improved record keeping, reporting, and efficiency.

Software Advice’s research concludes that nonprofit technology has undeniable benefits, particularly for smaller nonprofits with fewer resources. The ease and automation of software can help to free up valuable time for organizations with limited staff, who can now get more done quickly.

The best software product for nonprofits is one that is user friendly, can easily integrate with other systems, and includes robust reporting and insights. To see the full benefit of nonprofit software in action, check out the Flipcause platform, which features all of the above. Take your organization to the next level!



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