Make Your Presents Charitable Donations This Holiday Season

December 14, 2016

Holiday Charitable Gifts
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Do you need a meaningful gift for your loved ones this holiday season?

2016 is the perfect year to give charitable donations as gifts in honor of your friends, family, community, and the issues about which you feel passionately. Your like-minded recipient friends and relatives will appreciate that they, too, can engage in creating the much-needed impact needed to move forward with the new year.

There are many organizations that have created holiday gift programs for you to look into this season, ranging from environmentally conscious to human interest-oriented. Nonprofit Tech for Good has compiled a list of 20 holiday gift programs that benefit nonprofits, and here are some of our favorites:

Best Friends: Symbolic Charitable Gifts

Best Friends

“When you make a gift with a cause through Best Friends’ virtual catalog of kindness, you’re making the holidays warm, bright and full of hope for some very special animals, while honoring that special animal-loving friend or family member in your life.”

Oxfam: Gifts That Give Back


“Your symbolic gift is actually a donation that will be used where it is needed the most—to help people living in poverty around the world.”

Heifer International: Holiday Gift Catalog


“Your gift will give families the resources and training they need to lift themselves from hunger and poverty.”

Feeling inspired?

If you run your own organization, there is still time to promote charitable donations to your nonprofit as meaningful holiday gifts. With each holiday donation, send in response printable holiday e-cards to your donors with room to write a note to the recipients of their gifts. If your organization uses Flipcause, donors can also easily make their contributions in honor of someone else, a perfect way to utilize the system for holiday gift giving.

Let your donors know you have a wonderful last minute holiday gift idea — donate to your organization, honoring loved ones and giving back to the community at the same time!

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