Nonprofit Video

Video Making for Nonprofits

Video is a powerful way to tell a story and meaningfully get a message across to supporters. But producing a great video is a real challenge: you must create compelling content, shoot and edit your footage so that it comes…

Building Your Nonprofit's Voice

Building Your Nonprofit’s Voice

Your nonprofit’s voice is an important part of your brand. It’s not just the content you write, but the way in which it is expressed. This voice is essential for cultivating trust and lasting relationships between your organization and its supporters, as your…

Crowdfundamentals for Nonprofits

Crowdfunding. It's been on your radar for years now, but when the time comes to actually start a crowdfunding campaign for your nonprofit, you still feel a little in the dark.  Sound familiar?  Read on. just what is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is actually very simple.…