5 Nonprofit Blogs You Should Bookmark Today

January 2, 2016

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There’s a lot written about nonprofits and fundraising on the web today, but where to begin?  Here’s our selection of the best of the best:



Claire Axelrad (@charityclairity on Twitter) has been called a Fundraising Ninja, and we have to agree. Her insightful posts stem from a growing concern about how many nonprofits get stuck “in a vicious cycle of implementation, with no direction- like hamsters on a wheel”.  With over 30 years in the trenches, she helps nonprofits find their direction by adapting to the ever evolving industry to become true leaders. Her goal is to see more nonprofits become true “sustainable social benefit organizations” – those that help people be the change they want to see in their communities and the world.  In addition to her own insights, tips, and tricks, Claire curates the weekly “Clarity Click-It”, a hand-picked selection of the best articles on the web about philanthropy, fundraising, social media, and more.

Beth’s Blog


Beth Kanter (@kanter) is well known as a thought leader in the nonprofit world.  Her fundraising blog is one of the longest running on the web, and focuses on networking, social media, marketing, data and social engagement as the keystones to successful fundraising in today’s interconnected world.   Beth is the co-author of “The Networked Nonprofit” (with Allison Fine) and “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” (with KD Paine), which explore the topics of social fundraising in great detail.  A nonprofit fundraiser since childhood, Beth has over 30 years as a professional fundraiser and consultant.  Beth’s Blog shouldn’t be missed.

Future Fundraising Now


Jeff Brooks’ blog is based on the singular idea that the future of nonprofit is NOT about social media, SEM, video blogs, or any other new technology; it’s about donors.  His blog provides witty insights into building long-lasting relationships with donors.  His 3 rules:

  1. Fundraising is all about specificity. It’s the specific change you’re asking the donor to help make with their gift. Abstractions and generalities fail to move donors to action.
  2. Fundraising is about building relationships. Don’t think of donors as ATMs that dispense money from time to time. Think of them as friends who do cool things with you. It’s a two-way relationship. Both sides give and both sides receive.
  3. Fundraising transforms donors. When you know they amazing things that happen in their lives when they give to you, you’ll enjoy fundraising a lot more. And you’ll do a better job.

He also co-hosts (with Steven Screen) a great podcast called Fundraising is Beautiful. Follow him on twitter @JeffBrooks.

The Storytelling Nonprofit

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.47.46 AM

The Storytelling Nonprofit’s Vanessa Chase knows the power of sharing IMPACT with donors.  Now a fundraising and communications strategist based in Vancouver, her past life was in the trenches working as a development officer for several nonprofits.  After reviewing many of their year end appeals, she noticed that these nonprofits talked a lot about what they did, but NOT about how they did it or how it impacted their cause.  Her epiphany was that nonprofit fundraising would be much easier- and much more successful- if donors could feel the same magic she did when working on the inside of the organizations.  Effective storytelling was just the way to do it.  Their tagline ” The Storytelling Non-Profit is not just a name. It’s a vision and hope for the sector” says it all, and we at Flipcause wholeheartedly agree.  Learn all about how to tell stories that inspire action on the blog, or follow her on Twitter @VanessaEChase. And just for fun…

Fundraiser Grrl

creating-a-digital-communitythe-adventures-and-misadventures-of-fundraiser-grrl-51-638 “Because Non-Profit shouldn’t be Non-Fun” is this Tumblr blog’s tagline.  Rory Green (@RoryJMGreen), “Associate Director of Development by day, Fundraiser Grrl by night” puts together hilarious animated GIFs on the daily – illustrating emotions that any nonprofit professional can relate to.  For example:

Launching a campaign that has no real strategy“:



Do yourself a favor and bookmark these blogs or subscribe to their newsletters for a little bedtime reading.  With years of experience and candid, off-the-cuff writing styles, these bloggers are sure to inspire.

PS. Don’t forget to bookmark the Flipcause Blog, The Modern Nonprofit!

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