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ABN 2017 Fundraising Conference

ABN 2017 Fundraising Conference in Review

Did you know that of 1.41 million registered nonprofits in the US, over 66% of have annual revenues of less than $500,000? Considering the huge role the private sector plays in providing social benefit programs and support systems, it's astounding to realize how much of this sector is under-funded and under-supported.   That's why we get so excited at the chance to support smaller nonprofits in any way we can, and to partner with others who do, such as the…

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Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding Myths & How To Ensure Success

WHY CROWDFUNDING IS VITAL The idea of using the Internet to aggregate a crowd to fund a project is a modern complement to, if not a full-on replacement for, traditional fundraising methods that are aging badly in the non-profit space. Direct mail just doesn’t yield what it used to. Even email is falling off. Nowadays we’re all inundated with too much email. The average nonprofit email campaign has less than 25% open rates and less than 3% click-through rates. (source) …


PEER-TO-PEER 101: Classic campaigns to get you started

Born from the ubiquitous crowdfunding model, peer-to-peer propels fundraising one big evolutionary leap forward. Reported to be 300x more effective than typical organization-led fundraising, the peer-to-peer model is perhaps the single most exciting and effective new tool available in your development program toolbox. What is Peer-to-Peer? Peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralizes the burden of fundraising from just one person (or team) in your organization to your organization’s greater network. It’s a process of inspiring your supporters to become advocates and fundraise on…