6 Tips for Writing A Winning Crowdfunding Story

March 3, 2016

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How you pitch your nonprofit to potential supporters through your crowdfunding page is very important. The right words can bring a surplus of cash or scare investors away. An incoherent pitch that lacks focus can reflect poorly on the leaders of a nonprofit. This guide will help you write a winning nonprofit crowdfunding page that’ll help you raise enough funds for your organization.

  1. What problem will you solve?

Do you help feed thousands of people in Rwanda? Or perhaps your organization saves exotic animals from becoming extinct. Regardless of which cause your organization is passionate about, your crowdfunding page should clearly state the problem you are trying to solve. The more information you provide, including statistics and historical information, the more investors will understand the issue.

  1. How do you plan to solve it?

Next, you should go into detail about how your nonprofit will solve this problem. This section can also benefit from additional data and information since it’ll be easier for investors to envision how your organization will eradicate or diminish the problem. When writing this section of the pitch, try to be as specific and clear as possible and avoid industry-specific jargon that would confuse outsiders.

  1.  How much money do you need to raise?

This can be tricky for some nonprofits, especially if you don’t have a specific person who is responsible for managing your accounting or finances yet. Try to calculate how much money you will need to raise and add an extra amount to cushion your nonprofit against unforeseeable expenses or setbacks. Ask for the amount you need to raise in at least one or two areas of your page where it is sure to be noticed by potential investors.

  1. What will you spend the money on?

Now that you’ve done the hard ask, you should go into detail about how you will use the money. Again, the more specific you are the easier it will be for investors to envision how their donation will be put to good use.

  1. What impact will you have?

Be clear about how your nonprofit will impact others or change the world. Do you have before and after pictures you can share? Or a video testimony from someone your organization has recently helped? Combining facts and figures alongside personal elements can really encourage investors to partner with your organization by making a donation.

  1. What will supporters get out of it?

If you can provide additional perks for your supporters, mention it! Merchandise such as a t-shirt, hat or coffee mug can help provide free promotional opportunities by spreading the word about your organization. And it can also be a great reminder of how they’ve contributed to your cause.

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